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When it comes to piano moving it is extremely important to hire professional piano movers. Dreezy’s Moving Services of St. Bonifacius, MN are proud to deliver our professional piano services to your household. We can transport any types of pianos – spinets, upright, grand, and even square grand pianos. Below is the short description of piano moving process.

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Piano moving intake begins with an interview of the details surrounding the moving of your piano in St. Bonifacius, MN. We would like to know what type of piano is being moved, is there any stairs or elevators. Type of stairs involved: straight, wide, spiral, or complicated turns. After the questionnaire we will deliver a free online or telephone quote and make reserve the date for you.

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We have tailored our pricing to meet the needs of our clients. Discounted rates are available for off-peak and afternoon moves. Our highly trained employees will bring the wealth of their experience to make your move as smooth and safe as possible. We value your time, and once you reserve a move with us, we dedicate ourselves 100% to you. We won’t leave you stranded.

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On a day of the move we will send 2 to 3 movers, depending on the piano being moved in a fully quipped truck. Piano will be disassembled to remove all moving parts and individually packed and wrap to protect them. Next, piano is wrapped in blankets and plastic wrap. Then, piano is positioned on a piano moving skid board, secured and transported to the moving truck. Upon delivery, the process is performed in reverse sequence and piano is placed to the desired location. Keep in mind, that after any piano move, the instrument will need to be professionally re-tuned.

Dreezy’s Moving Services is fully insured and licensed moving company. Move with us and have a piece of mind that you are in good hands! Dreezy’s Moving Services is fully insured and licensed moving company. Move with us and have a piece of mind that you are in good hands! At Dreezy’s Moving Services our top priority is to deliver quality to you, and we work relentlessly to ensure the professionalism on all levels.

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Dreezy’s Moving Services draws on a talented group of individuals to make up our piano moving team. In the tradition of piano moving as craft, we only hire and train professionals who are committed to learning and executing artful piano moves. Dreezy’s Moving Services is able to select from some of the best movers in the world that are highly-trained, not only in technical skills, but in delivering exceptional customer service – guaranteed.

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